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Moving Rate

We have been providing quality moving services at affordable prices to Business, Residential and Apartment communities for many years.Fast Efficient Moving is staffed with experienced and reliable moving professionals ready to help you make that important move. Please take a moment to explore our website, then give us a call and we will come to the rescue. Fast Efficient Moving is a professional moving company built from firm values on customer satisfaction and only the highest level of service. What makes us successful is continued customer dedication, superior workmanship, and the proven ability to save you hundreds off every move.If you would like to schedule a move, ask any questions about our services, or arrange an estimate send us a message now.

You can start worrying less about your furniture and other belongings and start thinking about your new home, because we’ll make sure that your time with us will go off without a hitch.

Preparation is key for an efficient and safe move. We dont carry nor sell boxes. You should have already purchased and packed your boxes by time we arrive.This will make for a fast and smooth move.

Movers Truck $/Hr Truck Fee
2 Movers 1 Truck $85 $100
1 Movers 1 Truck $45 $100
2 Movers - $90 For First Hr $50 add Each Hr -